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Dragon Delight's variety of appetizer dishes.

Legend:  spicy spicy   vegetarian vegetarian  

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2. Vegetable Spring Roll Vegetarian

Spring roll with fresh vegetables.
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1. Vegetable Egg Roll Vegetarian

A crispy golden brown vegetable egg roll.
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3. Shrimp Spring Roll

A crispy golden brown shrimp spring roll.
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6. Crispy Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

Ten crispy golden brown chicken wings.
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16. Cheese Wonton (12 pcs)

Twelve cheese-filled wontons crisp fried to perfection.
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11. Breaded Shrimp (8 pcs)

Eight pieces of breaded shrimp.
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14. Deep-Fried Chicken Dumplings (8 pcs)

Eight deep-fried golden dumplings.
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18. Mango Salad

A vibrant and healthy mango salad with balsamic vinegar, fresh lemon juice,...
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10. Fried Meat Dumplings (8 pcs)

Eight golden fried meat dumplings.
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13. Green Beans (Edamame)

Boiled soybeans dusted with salt.
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7. Honey Garlic Spare Ribs

Spare ribs coated with honey garlic sauce.
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4. French Fries

Crispy golden french fries.
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8. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

Ten crispy golden chicken wings coated with honey garlic sauce.
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9. Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings (10 pcs) Spicy

Ten chicken wings coated with spicy garlic sauce.
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12. Deep-Fried Crispy Tofu

Crispy tofu deep fried to perfection.
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15. Deep-Fried Scallops (8 pcs)

Eight pieces of deep-fried golden brown scallops.
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5. Chicken Strips and Fries

Chicken strips and crispy golden fried fries.
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17. Fish Chips

Crisp-fried fish and chips.